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Trees for the Future in Tegryn

The children of Ysgol Clydau have been getting their hands dirty planting trees and bushes around the village. Working with the Welfare Committee and the Growing Better Connections project they have been busy digging and planting at the play area and behind the school. The trees and shrubs will give food and shelter to wildlife and people, supporting biodiversity and fixing carbon in their stems and the soil as they grow. There will also be fresh fruit available just outside the school gate, and there is already a healthy herb garden for all comers to pick.

At the play area we planted a mixture of hardy shrubs that will grow into a thick hedge. Which will soon give shelter from the wind for families playing on the swings and other equipment that is being installed by the Welfare Committee. It can be pruned to a height that will offer shelter, flowers and fruit, but not block the beautiful views of the Preselis.

Behind the school we planted raspberries and apple trees to go with the herbs and fruits that were planted last year by members of the Canolfan Clydau Committee with Growing Better Connections, and kindly provided by Keep Wales Tidy. As the fruit grows it will be available for anyone to come and pick, or to do a little gardening, or just enjoy the space and have a chat.

As well as all the planting, the children made clay models and bird feeders to take home. Everyone enjoyed the forest game at the end of the day; letting off steam running about on the grass, cheering and shouting.

Well done to all of you, and thank you to Ysgol Clydau, it has been fun working with you!

Growing Better Connections are currently scoping a new project called Feeding Our Community working with communities across North Pembrokeshire.

Feeding Our Community is a project spanning 12 months from March 2022 till March 2023. Coordinated by the GBC team, working in partnership with Corinne Cariad (specialist in project management, facilitation and food education), and Jasmine Dale (author of the permaculture design companion and permaculture consultant); working with community halls in Pembrokeshire to help design their outdoor spaces. If you're interested to help design and develop the outdoor spaces at Canolfan Clydau, the next meeting is in the main hall at Canolfan Clyau on Monday 30th May at 6pm. If you would like to attend please contact Louise - to book your place and for more information.

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James David Johny
James David Johny
Sep 11, 2023

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