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Introducing Feeding Our Community

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

The Growing Better Connections project is excited to announce the launch of a new project, 'Feeding Our Community'!

Feeding Our Community' is a project spanning 12 months from March 2022 till March 2023. Coordinated by the GBC team, working in partnership with Corinne Cariad (specialist in project management, facilitation and food education), and Jasmine Dale (author of the permaculture design companion and permaculture consultant); working with community halls in Pembrokeshire to help design their outdoor spaces.

Through this project we aim to...
  • Teach,

  • Motivate,

  • and Inspire our Pembrokeshire community

  • Grow,

  • Store and,

  • Prepare organic produce in publicly accessible spaces.

During the next 12 months we will be working with some of our amazing community halls in Pembrokeshire to co-create designs for their outdoor spaces. We will be using 'match funding' from the National Lottery's 'Together for our Planet scheme to do this work.

If you volunteer for a community hall in Pembrokeshire, are interested to work with us, or have any questions about the project please contact Louise on and have a read of the 'Feeding Our Community Project Outline' for more information about what's involved.

Feeding Our Community_Project Outline
Download PDF • 226KB
Info leaflet for Ambassadors
Download PDF • 1.00MB

Ambassador Meeting Biilingual Version
Download PDF • 1.29MB

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