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Past Projects

See the Publications and Reports page to see

a collection of reports generated from past projects. 


See below a list of past projects,

click on their pages to see what they achieved. 

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March 2020-March 2023

A Project running in North-East Pembrokeshire from the uplands to the sea, offering opportunities for people and nature to thrive.

When GBC came to an end, two projects were born out of it. The CLEAN rivers project and Feeding Our Community. Both of these projects are active today, follow the links to learn more! 



MAY 2022 - JULY 2023

Heath & Hedgerow Sir Benfro aimed to support land owners and managers to realise ecological and monetary value and mitigate climate change by managing organic material (biomass) and waste products.

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JULY 2022 - JULY 2023

From 2022, we ran a year-long successful project called "Fruit and Bounty" celebrating and building orchard culture and enterprise in Pembrokeshire. 

Fruit & Bounty saw the launch of "Ein Coed" - a unique fruit tree propagation and sharing network open to all, as well as the ongoing community Apple Juicing tour. 

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