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About CARE

CARE are a Community Benefit Society determined to make a positive environmental impact for our community across Pembrokeshire.

CARE, standing for Cwm Arian Renewable Energy, started its journey in 2011. After 13 years of hard work, campaigning, and fundraising, CARE successfully installed a 700kW wind turbine to generate clean energy.  This wind turbine is community-owned. 

Although it is still going strong, the initial excitement and success of the turbine seem like many moons ago. Having generated millions of kilowatts of renewable energy, the team now provides a wide variety of community interest projects. Experience and income gained from the turbine project have enabled us to develop other community projects focusing on landscape restoration, creating an eco-friendly space for arts in the community, setting up rural enterprises, and providing an energy advice service. 


Over the years, we've worked with other communities, businesses and individuals across Pembrokeshire, sharing what we have learned along the way to help build resilience to the changing economy and the changing environment through community action and enterprise.

In 2023 we were nominated and runners up for the St David award. See the video below to learn about the work that we do! 


Thriving communities,
connected to nature and each other,
~enjoying environments rich in life.

To increase local resilience by supporting the generation and ownership of community resources such as food, energy and materials.

To strengthen local social enterprises that share our vision

To raise awareness of local issues to influence government decisions

To improve skills linked to opportunies to generate resources

To enhance more healthy habitats
(that are bigger, better, and more joined up)

To enhance people’s well-being through access to the outdoors

To improve opportunities for connections bet
people across our region.

To enable people to more easily live in a way that reverses environmental


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In July 2023, Cwn Arian was awarded the 'INVESTING IN VOLUNTEERS' accreditation. 

Having worked with volunteers for eleven years now, we are delighted with this acknowledgement of the standard that we offer. 


Latest News 

See what exciting new developments CARE have been making recently.


The best way to keep up to date with what we have been working on is by reading our latest blog post. Following us on social media or signing up to our monthly news letter is equally a great way to stay informed with what we are doing. 

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Our Projects

CARE, standing for Cwm Arian Renewable energy, started its journey with a community-owned wind turbine. Eleven years on CARE is made up of eight other projects - 

  • Growing better Connections

  • Fruit and Bounty

  • Ein Coed

  • Heath and Hedgerow

  • Pembrokeshire Energy Support Service

  • Community Meals 

  • Y Stiwdio

  • Solar Park


Get Involved

We might be able to help you too!

We are always looking for new partners, new contacts and new ideas. If you think we might be able to collaborate on a project, then get in touch! 

CARE are powered by a combination of part time employees and volunteers. All vacancies will be listed here, as will volunteering opportunities.

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