Community Wind Turbine


After 13 years, planning permission was finally granted for a community wind turbine to be erected at Trefawr Farm, near Llanfyrnach.  The 700kW wind turbine was installed in October 2019.


The project will provide a community fund which can be distributed in the local community. The county ward of Crymych, where CARE has it’s home, is one of the two in Wales most at risk of fuel poverty and the community fund generated through selling clean electricity will help to tackle that issue as well as supporting community facilities with carbon reduction work and creating and supporting local green enterprises.


The project will also be open to local ownership, through a share offer, which will give local people the chance to invest in the project and receive financial rewards in the future.  We are hoping to make available in 2021.


So far, the project has been supported and funded by grants from the Welsh Government’s Ynni’r Fro and Ynni Lleol schemes, and the Welsh Energy Service, as well as by a grant from Waterloo Foundation... and a lot of volunteer effort from CARE’s directors!