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The CLEAN Afon Nyfer project (Catchment Level Environmental Action Network) works with local people to monitor water quality, invasive species and the health of the river, and to come together to find ways to address the issues.


The Afon Nyfer (River Nevern) is a river of refuge for wildlife; linking the open habitats of the Preselis and the temperate rainforest of North Pembrokeshire with a marine conservation area.


It is a catchment which tragically follows the trend across Britain of declining biodiversity due to pollution and disruption of natural processes. However, it is not as badly affected as many other rivers and offers an opportunity to demonstrate how to halt and reverse that trend, before it is too late!

We have published our baseline data in several reports which you can view here, and are starting to understand which areas are most heavily impacted.  

We are about to launch our next phase of the project, involving as many people as possible in the future of the river and designing practical solutions to the problems observed. 

If you are keen to know more about this project, or are interested about how you could be involved, contact the team. 


Come and learn more about the next phase of the project, and what you can do for the river at these events run in partnership with West Wales Rivers Trust. ​



















Thurs 1st Feb 18:00- 21:00 Newport Memorial Hall: Otter Monitoring Training

An opportunity to feed into Wales-wide monitoring of otters through training on otter surveys provided by European otter expert Geoff Liles. You will learn how to recognise and record signs of otter and increase appreciation for them as a species.


Wed 7th Feb 18:30 – 21:00 Trewern Arms : Adopt a Tributary – Nevern: Water Quality, Species & Habitat

Introduction and invitation to Adopt a Tributary, short talks on: water quality, species and habitat in the Nevern catchment.


Sat 10th Feb 12:00 – 14:00 Trewern Arms: Monitoring & Survey Training

Learn how to record visual signs of pollution & poor river habitat. Put into action learning from otter training and previous events. All ages are welcome! Hopefully, a younger audience will be able to join, with supervision from a parent or guardian.

Blog posts from the CLEAN Project

Some suggested links to websites worth checking out:

Dwr Cymru Combined Storm Overflows Explanation of CSOs and duration of sewage dumping into the rivers.


The Rivers Trust Raw Sewage In Our Rivers Explanation of raw sewage and further links.


River Action UK Charter For Rivers and other campaigning and lobbying.


Fresh Water Watch citizen science to monitor water quality.


Farming Connect riparian buffers on farms.


Save The Tefi links and resources from an adjacent catchment. 

Mae'r prosiect hwn wedi derbyn cyllid drwy'r 'Grant Gwella Sir Benfro'.

This project has received funding through the 'Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant'. 

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