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Growing Better Connections Autumn Events Calendar...Join Us!

Autumn portents longer nights and colder weather, but it also provides breathing space to focus activities in our homes and gardens. Autumn’s emphasis on harvesting, clearing, storing, and preparing for the next growing season, helps to focus the mind on future plans, both on the land and in our communities. This Autumn, Growing Better Connections will be hosting a series of events which focus on the harvest, rebirth, and renewal.

Join us at on Sunday the 3rd of October for a Tree Seed Gathering and Processing activity, where we will be collecting local tree seeds, to enhance our woodlands and hedgerows. Learn to choose where to collect, how to collect, and what to do to when your seeds are ready for sowing or storage. Click HERE for more information.

If you’re interested to learn about forest gardening then come along to our Forest Garden Tour and Store event on Saturday the 30th October. Bruce Slark forest garden aficionado and Coppicewood College coordinator will show you which species thrive in our climate. There will be opportunities to learn about forest garden maintenance and to witness the yields you can expect from an established garden. Click HERE for more information.

The end of our Autumn events calendar is heralded with a hedge laying course in collaboration with Coppicewood College. The course will take place over 4 days, two weekends. The first from Friday 12th to Saturday 13th and the second from Friday 26th to Sunday 27th.

During the course you will be taught how to make ‘a start’ on laying a hedge by watching a demonstration from your instructors and by having a go yourself with direct supervision. With the help of your instructors, you will be able to progress to each stage until you feel confident using each tool. You will then be tasked with laying you own section of the hedge in question! This course is a real bargain with prices on a sliding scale from £65 with three FREE places available upon application. Please click HERE for more information.

Growing Better Connections will also be hosting a series of volunteer tree planting days in December, January, and February. Watch THIS SPACE for details or contact Louise, if you’d like to volunteer to help out.

Growing Better Connections has received some match funding from the Naturesave Trust who are funded by Naturesave Insurance, to host some of our Autumn events. Naturesave Insurance, the UK’s leading ethical insurance provider for individuals, businesses, charities and community groups

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