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Nature Walks Gallery

This is where we will share pictures, comments or poems inspired by the walks.

If you are looking for the maps or notes to accompany the walks click HERE

Unfortunately some one has removed some of the signs. We suggest downloading or printing the route, and the information posters will also be available on line soon.

Adam Dawson shared this photo taken on the Hermon walk at SN 21004 33042, which he took to identify a plant unknown to him, and thinks that it is Marsh Valerian.

He also wanted to share this poem in keeping with the riddles, inspired by crossing the Cardi Bach line on this walk:

I whistled as I worked at steady rate,

Fetching the coal, carrying the slate.

Chatter and choirs singing in my ears,

Now I have slept for sixty years.

Badgers and briars tangle my ways,

Will I awaken to families at play?

Jim and Jean Nettleship enjoyed their walk so much that they got in touch to say,

" We just wanted to thank you for making such a good job of the Boncath walk that we did this afternoon. It was excellent, the signposts were clear and the walk itself was full of interest. We thought that the Shell House (we went on a Thursday) was spectacular and the walk was so good because it combined beautiful views with such interesting architecture."

Caterpillars of the Buff Tip Moth (Phalera Bucephala) feasting on hazel, some shoots had already been completely stripped bare. Tree feeding moths like these tend to be widespread and common but hard to spot as they live in the canopy. They are an important food source for rare species such as Barbastelle bats

Chris Monk shared this photo of a Small White Butterfly on behalf of his nieces, who really enjoyed the Hermon Walk.

Photo taken by Chris Monk

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