Take Part in one of our Nature Walks...

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...which coincide with the National Big Butterfly Count


  And...have a chance to win our Competition!

Solve all 5 riddles found on your walk , OR send us a nature photo or drawing with a chance to win a choice of one of these...

1) Take your pick of a selection of guides or packs available from Field Studies Council,

2) If you prefer then you could choose a more detailed book on butterflies or birds,

3) Or a pocket guide like these Concise Nature Guides.  

The winners will be draw out of a ‘hat’ and contacted in the first week of September. All photos and pictures submitted will be exhibited on our website and form part of the Growing Better Connections 'Cultural Exhibition'.

To enter email your riddle answers and/or pictures to gbc@cwmarian.org.uk or post them HERE.

If you do happen to see a butterfly, insect or other wildlife on your walk , why not make a ‘record’  on the West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre website? Please click HERE to make one.

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