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Exploring Rural Social Enterprise

This February, CARE organised 3 days of training all about social enterprise.

What defines social enterprises? How can they address social and environmental issues? What should you consider when setting one up?

There is no one definition of social enterprise, but three things underpin this type of organisation. They:

  1. Are part of a movement, defined by their ways of operating.

  2. Use trade as a method of achieving social and/or environmental outcomes.

  3. Do not distribute their profits to shareholders.

16 participants including CARE staff, local community groups, businesses and volunteers came together online (during Covid), then in person for interactive workshops to discuss all this, and more!

Delivered by Social Enterprise Academy Wales, we came away with new ideas and processes for working through the many phases of setting up a social enterprise.

Building on this training, CARE is now looking to pilot and deliver a number of social enterprises in West Wales. More details to follow soon!

For more information on the enterprises we are developing, visit CARE's Resilient Enterprise Programme page.

The course was funded through the Third Sector Resilience Fund for Wales Phase 2 Scheme, administered by WCVA.

If you are interested in learning more about setting up a social enterprise, there is lots of support available from Wales Co-operative Centre.

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