Resilient Enterprise Programme (REP)

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The Resilient Enterprise Programme (REP) aims to support the sustainable management of natural resources, build skills and generate income to benefit both biodiversity and local people. The programme started in 2021, and is funded by Third Sector Resilience Fund for Wales Phase 2 Scheme, administered by WCVA.


By June 2022, Cwm Arian Renewable Energy aims to have researched and developed at least three rural social enterprises which respond to local needs.

The programme’s specific aims are to:

  • Create rural employment opportunities.

  • Protect and enhance nature.

  • Increase resource efficiency.

  • Build skills through volunteering and training, enabling social enterprises to thrive.


Interested? Find out about our volunteering opportunities here.

We have already begun several projects, and are pursuing further ideas to test their feasibility. These include:


  • Y Stiwdio - A new eco-building in Hermon, to benefit the community.

  • Apple juicing days – an apple pressing service preventing fruit going to waste, and orchards falling into disuse.

  • Community wind turbine - selling clean electricity, supporting community facilities and households to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Heath & Hedgerow – enhancing sustainable hedgerow and heathland management through adding value to ‘waste’ products.

  • Fruit & Bounty – safeguarding biodiversity by preserving traditional orchard knowledge, stimulating markets for trees adapted to/sourced from the local area, and offering related products, training and services.

  • Circular economy and waste – reducing waste going to landfill, through activities such as local composting, a tip shop, a repair café, remakery workshops and/or a library of things.


The Resilient Enterprise Programme will leave a lasting legacy by building peoples' skills in a way which enables them to set up and take part in enterprises, making them more employable and resilient to change. At the same time, social enterprises will allow CARE to become a more resilient organisation, able to continue delivering environmental and social impact in the area.  

The programme hopes to work across sectors to bring the knowledge and commitment of the third sector into public sector service delivery and private sector markets via the model of co-created social enterprise.

We welcome collaboration! Please get in touch if you would like to get involved.