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Nicky Pang

Project Officer (Heath & Hedgerow)

Nicky wears two hats for CARE being project officer for both Community Meals and Heath and Hedgrow.

Nicky worked in the third sector for the last 5 years.  Previous to that he has 10 years of professional experience working within the design industry.  He holds a Bachelors degree in Product Design Engineering, as well as additional qualifications in prototyping and Earthship building. He has brought his design experience to community based Zero Waste initiatives, and managed a Resource Recovery Centre after New Zealand’s last major earthquake in order to deconstruct and reuse building material from derelict houses.

Nicky is passionate about realising the potential of our resources through community building, permaculture principles, observing natural systems, co-creating / co-designing, circular economies and helping others to realise their own individual potential through realising their ideas.

Nicky Pang
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