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Neil Kingsnorth

Project Coordinator, Hwb Dysgu y Tir

Neil works for Cwm Arian part-time overseeing the Hwb Dysgu y Tir Project and Ein Coed. In 2022-23 he delivered CARE's "Fruit and Bounty" project and he coordinated the travelling community apple pressing service in 2022 and 2023.

Neil has worked in environmental charities and projects for over two decades  and lives near to Llysyfran, where he runs Patch of the Planet, a agroecological smallholding with a tree nursery, an orchard, vegetables, animals and more. Neil ran The Orchard Project, helping to grow the community orcharding movement, has been a nature-based garden designer, creating biodiverse gardens across North-West England and was the Head of Activism at Friends of the Earth, helping to build people pressure on campaigns around climate change, biodiversity loss and local campaigning. He believes passionately in the power of food as a means to connecting people, and the importance of protecting and rebuilding the natural world.

Neil Kingsnorth
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