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As we look back over the year since the grand opening of Y Stiwdio, we are thrilled to reflect on our remarkable achievements. The sight of Y Stiwdio, adorned with twinkling lights in the evening and surrounded by a flourishing community garden, still fills us with Joy.

With the generous support from the Welsh Government, EU, and Lottery funding, we transformed an old industrial plot into a vibrant creative and sustainability hub. Crafted by Tŷ Pren using recycled materials and locally sourced wood, the building stands as a testament to sustainable architecture. Powered by modern energy-saving solar panels and an air source heat pump, Y Stiwdio operates almost entirely off-grid, the perfect testament to CARE' commitment to sustainable energy efficiency.

Y Stiwdio sits in amongst the lush greenery of its thriving Community Garden, a project born from local consultations and CARE’s 'Feeding Our Community' initiative. This edible garden, open to all, symbolises the spirit of collaboration among our dedicated volunteers and the community.

Throughout the year, Y Stiwdio has been a hub of creativity, hosting diverse workshops led by local artisans, from pottery to flower arranging. We've proudly displayed exhibitions such as the Growing Better Connections three-year project and Amanda Jackson's captivating photography series from the children of Lammas Eco Village.

Aside from all this art and craft, Y Stiwdio has become a preferred venue for events, with all of the charm in the natural building. Local caterer Jemma Vickers has delighted groups with her culinary creations, making Y Stiwdio a unique celebration space.

Visit the website to see a full list of what is on offer, such as this one...

Saturday, 2nd December:

Unleash your creativity in lino printing! Craft your own pack of cards to take home, starting from just £25.

For bookings, visit our Eventbrite page via our website. Let's celebrate art, sustainability, and community together at Y Stiwdio!

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Congratulations to the Arts and Sustainability Centre on reaching its one-year milestone of success!. It's inspiring to witness the positive impact you've made in such a short time. Your commitment to the intersection of arts and sustainability is truly commendable. Here's to many more years of creativity, innovation, and sustainable initiatives. Keep up the fantastic work!. As a side note, I recently came across the intriguing Cisco product, SFP-H10GB-ACU7M=, which seems to align with your forward-thinking approach. Have you considered its potential for enhancing your technological infrastructure?

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