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Wonderful Woodlands & Heroic Hedgerows

Photo taken by Marc Pell
GBC Frenni Fawr Citizen Science Activity

Trees and Woodland ecosystems provide clean air, protection against flooding and store carbon. The array and collection of life found in our ‘heroic hedges’ and ‘wonderful woodlands’, enrich both our mental welfare and physical well-being.

Hedges, crucial to sustaining biodiversity by linking disjointed habitats. Hedges are part of our culture; they have shaped our heritage. Living structures within our landscape, the variety of life they support, is critical to our lives.

GBC is working to plant trees, hedges, and woodlands within our project area – covering North East Pembrokeshire, from the uplands to the sea. If you live or work in our area and are interested in planting a hedge, creating a woodland or managing an existing parcel of land in an ecologically sensitive way, please contact us directly on

Through our work we have collected information, advice, and guidance here for anyone interested to do the same or to find out more.

Hedges – Useful Information,

  • The Long Forest Project, coordinated by Keep Wales Tidy, provide advice about protecting, replanting, and conserving our hedgerows for future generations. They have created a variety of RESOURCES invaluable for both the seasoned hedger and novice planter.

  • MOREHedges grant scheme, led by The Woodland Trust, includes saplings, advice, and funding for new hedges. The trust can subsidise up to 75% of the cost, if more than 100 metres of new hedging is planted, with a large tree every 6 metres. The scheme also includes advice and guidance on planting.

Woodlands – Useful Information,

  • Pembrokeshire Nature Partnership (PNP) – made up of several Pembrokeshire based organisations, all working to maintain and improve natural features. PNP have created guidance on native tree species found in Pembrokeshire.

Pembrokeshire Tree List 2020 EN V02 (1)
Download • 597KB

  • MOREWoods grant scheme, led by The Woodland Trust, includes design advice, a bespoke species mix and funding for new woodlands where 500+ trees are planted. The trust can subsidise 75% of the cost if you complete the planting yourself and 60% if you chose for a contractor to carry out the work.

  • Llais y Goedwig, the voice of community woodlands in Wales. Representing and supporting community woodland groups and practitioners across the country. If you are interested in creating a community woodland or getting involved with an existing one, contact the South West Development Officer Cara Wilson. Email -

  • Coed Cymru, provide advice, support, access to innovation and grant aid. They welcome contact from individuals or community groups regarding any aspect of woodland creation, management, and timber sales.

  • Scolton Manor Tree Nursery run by experienced arborist and horticulturalist Simon Richards. Offering for sale exceptional quality, local provenance, welsh grown trees. Simon also manages the Scolton Manor walled garden and coordinates a variety of volunteer days. Email - , for more information about stock available as well as up and coming events in the beautiful walled garden.

  • 9 Trees the number of trees needed to balance the average UK citizen’s carbon consumption each year. 9 Trees the organisation, plant new woodland, geolocate trees, provide connections to local biodiversity networks, as well as conserve and manage your woodland as it grows.

  • Woodland Campaigning Groups.

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