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Sustainable Journeys: Help Kickstart an EV Car Club in Clydau & Crymych

Updated: Feb 15

Let's drive change together – one electric vehicle at a time!

Are you based in Clydau or Crymych and passionate about sustainable living? Ever thought about joining a car club that aligns with your eco-friendly values? We have exciting news for you! TripTo, alongside TrydaNi, is exploring the possibility of setting up an Electric Vehicle (EV) car club in your local area.

The vision is inspired by the success of accessible vehicle services in urban areas, akin to Bristol's scooters, but with four wheels – electric cars. This initiative isn't just about promoting eco-friendly transportation; it's about fostering an equipped community, sharing resources, and making sustainable choices accessible to everyone.

We've seen how this model has thrived in places across Wales. Machynlleth is a great example, where the community has embraced two shared electric cars, now on the lookout for a third. People often use the shared cars as a second or third vehicle as their family grows and don't want to take on the unnecessary burden of the extra cost. The idea is simple: a shared EV serves as a practical and cost-effective solution for people without a car and for families needing a second or third car.

The logistics of where to keep the car can be discussed and decided upon amongst the group who come together (you, if you would like to join!) There are numerous places in and around Crymych which could be a great option. The car club would operate on a community-managed basis, funded initially by grants to purchase the vehicles.

Each member would have acsess to an app with a simple booking system, making it easy to see when the car will be available and even where it currently is.

We're looking for around 20 individuals or families in the Clydau and Crymych area who share our enthusiasm for this initiative. If the idea of joining a local EV car club sparks your interest, we'd love to hear from you. Your input could help shape this project and bring it to life.

To express your interest (no commitment needed) or find out more about how you can get involved, please visit our Car Club Membership Interest Form on the TrydaNi - Charge Place Wales Ltd. website.

For any questions or more information, feel free to reach out directly to Andrew, cordinator of TripTo. Let's make this happen!

*to join, you must be aged between 25 and 71, must have held a full UK licence for at least 2 years and a few other restrictions relating to the cleanliness of their licence.

Let's drive change together – one electric vehicle at a time!

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