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Signs of Spring

The changing light extends every day, returning warmth that stirs the slumbering buds and quickens the soil bound seed to root. The "green fuse" has ignited an emerald fire that races along barren hedgerows and explodes trees into life. Spring builds to its inevitable crescendo of blossom, birdsong, bumble bees and butterflies. I take a deep draught of the scented air and marvel at the miracle of nature's re-awakening.

Delighted to see familiar flowers and creatures stirring, everywhere wildlife is busy growing, building and breeding. I am always curious to see whether the cold winds and frosty nights have held them back, or the clear sunny days and southerly rain-laden winds have sped their cycle. To find out I note key events as I notice them on my calendar, to compare with last year, then realise that I can't find last year's calendar. So this year I took a decision to share them online, to contribute my small observations of a tiny corner of Wales, to a far larger picture of the whole country recorded over many years. This satisfying activity has become a family game, with a friendly rivalry as to who will spot the first blue bell, baby sparrow, butterfly or whatever.

Looking online I found a few resources to add to the excitement, and sites that will be glad to receive your records and photos, contributing to understanding an ever changing emergence over time. I share these below in case you would also like to have a go and join the fun.

Fun game with younger children: Springo - RSPB

Things to look out for from the Woodland Trust.

Recording Natures Calendar contributing to records that stretch back to 1736!

Big Spawn Count from the Freshwater Habitats Trust.

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