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Our visit to 'Biochar Wales' in the Elan Valley

Updated: May 10, 2023

Here is a short summary of our visit to Biochar Wales in the Elan Valley...

Biochar Wales have discovered that Molinia grass is perfect for processing into high quality biochar, a soil improver which improves yields, plant health and locks up carbon in soil for hundreds of years.

They have spent six years developing a compost which is used to charge the biochar with nutrients. This peat free product has now been proven in trials to improve crop yields as well as increasing carbon storage in the soil.

See below for the excellent demonstration, Tony put on for us using their Kon-Tiki Wales Biochar Kiln.

(Kon-Tiki Wales retorts are manufactured in Rhayader, Mid Wales.

This ingenious invention will allow farmers, wildlife trusts, estates and gardeners to produce high quality biochar from surplus biomass materials. With basic training an operator can produce a cubic metre of biochar in a few hours.

This retort has been designed at the Ithaka Institute in Switzerland. Click on The Biochar Journal for an excellent description of the Kon-Tiki kiln.)

We'd like to thank Tony at Biochar Wales for his time and willingness to sharing his knowledge with us.

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