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Linking the woods with hedges

Work has begun on strengthening the habitat corridors between Ty Canol and Pengelli woods. These two woodlands are nationally important habitats as recognised by their status as Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Special Protected Areas.

Connecting them through thick and contiguous hedgerows is vitally important to help species like dormice to move between them. Other species including many birds, butterflies, bats, and beetles (as well as fungi and lichens) will all benefit from increased feeding and nesting opportunities. We are currently living through a period of catastrophic falls in the populations of most wildlife species. This is caused by many factors, including habitat destruction and fragmentation. Enhancing habitats around the areas of greatest biodiversity is currently our best hope to halt or even reverse some of that decline.

This project is being made possible with the support of:

  • the landowners who are granting access and allowing us to thicken up the hedges.

  • the members of Brynberian Biodiversity Promotion Group who have helped with surveying and planting.

  • the Woodland Trust who have provided all the trees and guards.

  • Pembrokeshire Coast National Park who have supplied discounted sweet chestnut fencing materials and are bringing volunteers to help with planting.

  • the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales who are bringing volunteers.

  • The Ramblers Association who are bringing staff and volunteers.

  • The children of Nant y Cwm Steiner school who are coming to help plant.

If you would like to join other like-minded people to lend a hand with the planting, then we will be out on the following dates. Please follow the links below to book as spaces are limited, you can join in on any day even when other groups are listed as taking the lead role in planting.

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