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Hermon Waste and Recycling Centre in jeopardy - have your say NOW!

Pembrokeshire Waste and Recycling Centres are facing changes to their operations and Hermon tip is at risk. Have your say - suggest Hermon WRC partners with Cwm Arian to keep the service running! Read on to find out how.

Due to the need to manage limited funds and resources, Pembrokeshire County Council is going to make changes to its services . Local residents are being urged to join a consultation to share their views on the operation of Waste and Recycling Centres.

With the use of the centre in Hermon the lowest in Pembrokeshire, our local facility is the most likely to be be scaled down or closed altogether. Both options would be a considerable loss to our community.

Cwm Arian Renewable Energy (CARE) are suggesting an alternative option to reducing the service at Hermon. We want to work in partnership with the local authority to run projects at the site in Hermon that increase footfall and improve services, thereby protecting the site from reduced hours and/or closure whilst helping the council realise the Welsh Government's "Beyond Recycling - a strategy to make the circular economy in Wales". We could offer:

∙ To design and deliver a social enterprise, such as a tip shop, a repair café, remakery worshops, local composting and/or a library of things from the waste and recycling centre. ∙ To open, manage and run the waste and recycling centre in Hermon on days the local authority cannot provide a service.

To suggest this as an option and keep our waste and recycling centre open please respond to this consultation by Monday 9th August. Feel free to save time and copy and paste the following suggested responses to questions 9, 10, 22 and 23 of the survey:

9. Would you use a reuse shop / facility based in our WRC’s?

0 Yes 0 Possibly 0 No

10. Please comment

I would welcome an enterprise such as a reuse shop, a library of things, or a re-makery cafe being based at the WRCs. Other sites in Wales and across the UK have seen great success by implementing enterprises alongside WRC's.

22. What are your views on alternative delivery models to enable continuation of elements of the service? Such as partnerships between PCC and third sector/ community-based organisation to deliver recycling and reuse services at Recycling Centre’s

I believe alternative delivery models that would enable the continuation of our local service are a real and valuable option and should be seriously considered as an alternative to reducing waste and recycling centre services. I would like the council to go into partnership with community groups and third sector organisations, as they have in Newtown, to add to and improve our service in Hermon. I rely on the service and don't want it to be reduced or stopped. With wider involvement we feel this site could stay open, become a community hub, offer great enterprise opportunities to bring money back into the local community, and become a leading example of a WRC model for the rest of the UK.

23. If you would like to put forward any alternative options, which will help us to meet the challenges faced, please do so here

I would like to put forward Cwm Arian Renewable Energy (CARE) as a partner for the Hermon WRC. I want them to either run a social enterprise from the site, such as a tip shop, a repair café, remakery workshops, local composting and/or a library of things. I would also be interested in them running the site on days that the local authority cannot.

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