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ECO Building Tour and Solar PV Design Event Held on 18th April 2024 by P-SESS Team

We all met up in Y Stiwdio, Hermon and after a tea & coffee the day’s programme began.

Gerry introduced the event explaining the diverse activities/projects CARE undertakes.

Some people only know of one or two, so it is recommended to sign up for the newsletter and visit the website often.

Gerry went on to describe the construction of Y Stiwdio and we were lucky to have Anna in the audience who had worked with Ty Pren when the timber frame was erected. He then gave a presentation on the energy performance of the building over the last year. Readings of imported energy / exported energy and ASHP consumption have been recorded over the last 52 weeks. Safe to say the building has performed very well.

Next up was Michael, who gave an excellent presentation on designing solar PV systems with a particular emphasis on off-grid systems.

The morning concluded with Gerry & Peter explaining the work they have been doing over the past 12 months funded by the National Grid Energy Affordability  Fund.

Questions and further information were exchanged during an excellent shared lunch.

In the afternoon the group were hosted by Brendan & Luka and given a detailed tour of their very impressive Passive House.

If you would like the team to arrange similar events in the future, please email Peter at: Please include any suggestions of topics you would like to be included.

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