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Celebrating Fruitful Adventures Across Pembrokeshire

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

We've just wrapped up our season of apple pressing, and we're excited to share the achievements with you. This year, we've been all over the local map, literally! We made stops at 15 locations, with 4 schools and 11 lively community hubs joining in on the fun.

Tons of Apples Turned into pints of Juice

Can you imagine the high mount Eryri is? Now times that by four, That's how high 5,463kg of apples would be if they were all piled on top of one another! This tour, we pressed about five and a half tonnes of these crunchy delights, transforming them into a staggering 3,045 litres of apple juice. If we were to pour this juice into pints, we'd have 5,358, that's over 9,200 coke cans worth of juice!

A Toast to Our Volunteer Heroes

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the backbone of our pressing tour - the volunteers. Jonathan and Lewis, their dedication has been the core of our success. Also essential part of the team, Bob, who zipped from venue to venue on his bike and Jayne, a BIG THANK YOU for their help.

Round of applause to Community Spirits

A big, thank you to everyone in the local communities who welcomed us to their community halls and hubs. Whether you came to one event or showed up at multiple, your support was the secret ingredient in our community juice blend! It's always a pleasure to see the community spirit of Pembrokeshire reflected in these events.

Keep us in mind for next year!

For those of you with orchards bursting at the seams, consider our equipment hire service. Available from late August to November, our 90-litre hydropress, scratter, and a robust 50 hydraulic press can be yours for private use during the weekdays. We provide trugs and all the necessary gear with each hire to make your apple pressing a breeze. All you need is a vehicle to pick up and return the equipment, along with a refundable deposit. Starting at £60 for two days, it's the perfect solution for turning your apple abundance into delicious juice or cider.

So, mark your calendars and remember to book your slot for next year!


Looking after your apple trees this winter?

For those interested in fruit tree care this winter, visit the Ein Coed page for our upcoming workshops. We're offering sessions on pruning, grafting, and a comprehensive two-day orchard course. Find all the details on our website, or under the


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  • Saturday 13th January

  • Saturday 29th January


  • Saturday 9th March - AM

  • Saturday 9th March - PM

  • Saturday 16th March - AM

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