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Peni Ediker

Swyddog Prosiect Compostio

Peni Ediker has a successful market garden business and orchard business in Carmarthenshire.

They have transformed  a 5 acre field in to a rich bio diverse abundant haven. Method: Her success lies in her relationship with the microbiology in the soil. Peni grows abundant crops using regenerate farming techniques, making inoculated composts and bio fertilisers and other garden amendments.

Peni has taught and inspired many people over the years with her passion and enthusiasm for natural farming techniques and her love of the land. Over the years, Peni has collaborated with CARE,  facilitating brilliant composting workshops on her small-holding. We are delighted to have Penni as part of the Heath and Hedgerow team on a more regular basis!

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Peni Ediker
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