Pembrokeshire Smarter Energy Support Service

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CARE have become a regional partner Smart Energy GB.  We will be delivering the Pembrokeshire Smarter Energy Support Service (P-SESS), which will provide advice and support about smart meters to households on a  tight budget and promoting the importance of monitoring and  managing energy use to help reduce energy costs. 


A smart meter can help you with your household budgeting. The in-home display offered with your smart meter, shows you in near-real time the amount of energy you use in pounds and pence. Allowing you to keep a closer eye on your energy spending habits. This can help you find ways to reduce energy waste around your home and save money. Smart meters are set up to work for both prepay and credit customers. 


As Covid 19 restrictions are eased the team will be out in the community at local events  promoting smarter choices of energy use and demonstrating the benefits of smart  meters.


Would you like a presentation at your event or community venue?

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Eligibility of smart meters may vary.

Consumer action is required to obtain cost savings and budgeting benefits of smart meters.

CARE have published a research report which summarises the pros and cons of various strategies to mobilise people to change their energy behaviours at home, and which gives insight into the most crucial points to consider when designing a strategy. ​

Click the images below to access the report and associated detailed data.​