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Cwm Arian Renewable Energy Project

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Cwm Arian Renewable Energy

In Brief...

The community won a grant of £400,000 for Cwm Arian Renewable Energy (CARE) project to decrease the carbon footprint of the communities of Hermon, Glogue and Llanfyrnach.

Initially the grant will fund community-owned renewable energy systems (such as wind or hydro turbines) which can generate energy and money. 

This community income can then be used for efficiency grants in local homes and other projects to increase sustainable jobs and strengthen our local economy.

More Detail...

The Hermon, Glogue and Llanfyrnach (Cwm Arian) Action Plans, dates back to 2004. It shows that the community wants to tackle climate change, find a way of protecting ourselves from rising energy prices, and to explore using renewable energy systems in the local area.

In 2006 the community was awarded £8,000 for a feasibility study into renewable energy in the area. 

(See link below)

In 2010, the Low Carbon Communities Challenge grant was awarded to 'Cwm Arian' community, based on the findings of the 2008 feasibility study.  Any money generated will come back to the community, to increase the energy efficiency of our homes; by improving insulation for example.  It could also be used to support local social enterprises and create jobs.

In 2011 we have used Seren Renewables to undertake the research required for the local planning departments.


The Feasability Study

A Powys company called Dulas answered the community's questions about what sort of renewable energy technology we could use to generate money.  The study found that:

  • a large scale renewable development would be the most economical way to invest. 
  • our local area is most suited to generating energy through wind power, and it identified the most suitable sites.
  • community-wide energy efficiency measures would also be a good option to reduce spending and increase energy security. 
  • many other types of renewable energy generation would be useful at a much smaller (domestic) scale.


Download Feasability Study

The finalised Renewable Energy Feasibility Study Report was presented to the Silver Valley association in late March together with a PowerPoint presentation ( Dulas Presentation) and two public meetings were held to broadcast the findings. In addition, a questionnaire was delivered by hand to all the households within the area to invite comment upon various aspects of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

The study identified a site that looked promising for the siting of two wind turbines on the hills behind Llanfyrnach. These wind turbines would provide income from selling the generated electricity to the National Grid; this would generate money that can be put back into the community for the benefit of its residents. However, it is not economically feasible, nor practical, to provide local households with 'free' ectricity directly from such wind turbines(for more information contact us). The micro-hydro sites looked less promising due to the higher cost of implementation per kilowatt of energy produced. Biomass was considered non-viable from lack of local resource that could be utilised without high transport costs.


Renewable Energy Feasibility Study Report (pdf)

Cwm Arian Renewable Energy Presentation (pdf)

The group is now considering the next phase of undertaking a detailed study of the identified wind-power site to take measurements over a period of 12 months. At the same time it will be identifying possibilities for funding and pursuing the task of seeking planning permissions.


Why Turbines?

Since October 2010, the Cwm Arian Renewable Energy staff have been looking further into what the 2008 feasibility study showed.  The information in the study has been double-checked and updated.

Generating energy from the wind is still the most suitable option in this area.  More accurate wind data will begin to be collected, to make 100% sure that turbines are put in the right place.

CARE staff have met with Pembrokeshire County Council planners to discuss the possibility of having wind turbines near Llanfyrnach, and to ensure any plans are legal, fair and safe.

The Community

Strong communities, like ours, will be able to survive changes to the climate and the economy really well.  We have already achieved so much together, and the renewable energy project will make our community even more sustainable. 

The grants which will come from the energy generated by a turbine will help us all spend less on our energy bills, whilst avoiding harming the environment and adding to environmental problems.  So the global community benefits, as well as the local community.



Renewable Energy 2010

In February 2010 The Cwm Arian Renewable Energy (CARE) Project has been successful in clinching a £400,000 grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) under the low carbon communities challenge scheme (LCCC).

Project officers have been appointed to utilize the funds to work on developing the community resource centre to showcase community low carbon initiatives and to offer funding for community renewable initiatives.

See below for grant info, business plan and the Powerpoint presentation showing our community developments over the past 10 years.

Cwmarian - Business Plan - Sept 2009 - v2

CWM Arian - Feb additional LCCC - application Phase 2 v4

CWM ARIAN POWER POINT Presentation 1999 to 2010